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Find a dentist in Spain? The level of dentistry in Spain is good. There are of course many Spanish dentists, The prices of dentist treatments are a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands. If someone has acute toothache, you can go to a public hospital in Spain free of charge. In the case of non-urgent tooth complaints, the bill itself must be paid.

Destination Spain
Spain is an attractive tourist country. Spain has many regional airports and a good public transport system. That makes Spain a country where tourists can find their way well. Spanish dentists can compete well with their Northern European colleagues because the cost of personnel in Spain is considerably cheaper.

The training of dentists in Spain
The dentist training lasts 5 years in Spain. At the moment there are 10 public and 4 private universities. The programs together provide about 900 graduates in dentistry per year. The quality of the training is checked by the Ministry of Health. The ‘Consejo General de Colegios de Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España’ (the Spanish professional association of dentists) has more than 90% of Spanish dentists as registered members. They keep track of which dentists are qualified.
The costs of dentistry and the waiting times for treatment are very high in the Netherlands and Belgium. A reason for many to look further in the Netherlands or abroad. For example to Spain where the quality of dentistry is high, but the price is significantly lower. There are no waiting times and extensive dental treatments can be performed in one week to 10 days. The threshold to go ‘abroad’ for a treatment is fairly high, understandable, another country, the foreign language, the professional competence of the dentist, the quality, the guarantee, … the entire organization. We take all of that out of your hands.

The modern equipped dental practice Micro Dental in Spain (Huercal Overa). You will be treated there by a qualified and experienced dentist. Where they speak good English, and otherwise we would like to guide you.

They are committed to helping you get rid of your complaints and deliver a full set of teeth again.

At the first free visit to the dentist they will examine the current state of your teeth by means of 3D photos, and you will receive an extensive dental cleaning of 30 minutes. You will be informed about the possible solutions for your dental improvement. You will then receive a quote. Treatment can begin after agreement about the treatment plan.

Crown and crown bridge
– You will naturally be anesthetized with sterile needles.
– The tooth / molar to be replaced is ground off so that a crown or bridge can be placed on it.
– You will receive a plastic emergency crown for the period in which the final crown / bridge is made.
– The color is chosen in close consultation with you. The dentist advises you with his very professional view on the color of the crown / bridge. d.m.v. Photos
– The crown / bridge will be fitted after a few days and will only be definitively secured after approval.
– Finally you will receive information about the maintenance of your teeth.

Dental technique
As mentioned earlier, the dentist first makes a diagnosis in which he selects the ideal situation for your dental improvement. Usually it will be one or a combination of the following techniques.

A crown is a cap in the shape of a tooth or molar that is fixed over a buffed tooth / pillar.

A bridge consists of two or more crowns, which serve as an attachment point, and a connecting piece of one or more artificial teeth / teeth that replace the missing teeth / teeth.

There are different types of bridges.

Ordinary bridge
If the pillars are on both sides of the open space.

All dental prostheses are made in an ISO-certified dental laboratory in Spain. Both the dentist, dental surgeon and dental technician use only European materials with a CE mark.

Emergency crowns
During the period that the dental prostheses are made, you receive free emergency crowns. These too are made with great attention.

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